Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew In Results

Hopefully I haven't posted this too late....My husband had my camera plug in for the computer all day! Oh well...

This is what I made:

These cute little baby ties! Aren't they adorable!! I said I would make some for my friend, for her baby blessing. It's a type of Christening but we (Mormons, LDS) call it a baby blessing. I knew I could find a tutorial online, and I was very happy to find this!! Which makes me so grateful that there are creative people out there that can actually make their ideas...I sometimes have the ideas but have a hard time figuring out how to make it!! So here is the link....Very Homemade.

It is a very well written tutorial, which is a VERY good thing. I made the newborn size, and for kicks and giggles I had Kimball (who is 3) try it on, and it fit fine!!! I think it would be very easy to alter to make it bigger. I think I might find some cute fabric and make matching ties for all my boys and for Trav (I would just use one of his ties as a template).

The other thing that I did last night was start to quilt another quilt top.

I decided to just do a rectangle line/square thing. My seams and lines are not 100% perfect so I thought that this would be okay. It's mostly just free hand, and won't be 100% straight, and I don't want it to be either.

This is the Crazy Mom Quilts, Summer quilt along. I finished the quilt top in August. But just haven't gotten around to actually quilting it. I had other projects to get through and whatnot. I can't wait until I can cross this off my list of WIP (Work in Progress). It is my goal this year to get all my WIP done so that I can actually start some new quilts this year as well!!! Although I already have at least 2 new quilts to make this year planned....oh boy. Will I ever stick to my plans??

**My WIP list is on the left hand side of the blog**


Anonymous said...

What a productive FNSI you had. Love the little ties.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

You are one productive momma! Way to go!

Amy said...

I LOVE those ties! I really want to try and make one, thanks for the link to the tutorial!