Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crazymomquilts Summer Quilt Along

I finish Amanda Jean's Summer Quilt Along last week. I don't know what was with it, but I just had a hard time getting it done and working on it. I thought I might of had enough to make it bigger, but nope just enough for a twin. I really do like it. Now that it is done. Nathan was yet again really excited about it and is happy that we are "keeping" it.
I do have some left over patches that I think I might make into a wall quilt or maybe use for the back of the quilt. Not 100% sure. But I can finally add this to the pile of ready to quilt tops.

Had to add my little piggies! 

Oh I just think it is very pretty! I made it with all of my scraps. I choose to use a white with blue as the background. It gives it more of a country look.

Brandon was so kind and helped me model it! He is very excited for it too. They enjoy all of my quilt! 


Luv 2 Kreate said...

It turned out wonderful!

Sara said...

Looks really pretty and that reminds me of yesterday when I was prepping my backing for a quilt top I have had finished for awhile now. Ayden (2.5 yr old) decided to wrap himself in the top while I was on the kitchen floor measuring. I hear, "Mommy I got your quilt!"

Pat said...

Crystal,that is very nice. Yes, and the "piggies" too. lol Woops! Almost forgot about the "top model" Brandon. Very nice, my dear.
Happy Quilting!