Thursday, August 5, 2010

Take me out to the ball game.....

A few weeks ago I was able to go support one of my good friends play softball. I took my friend Annie and my kids and we drove to Provo to watch. It made me really miss playing! I didn't play it in school, but when I was younger I played and then a little in college for fun. I think I might have to find me a team!
Nathan was excited I think only because he got to play a game on my phone

Here is my good friend Annie. She too has 2 children with autism and we are always having play dates with her and my friend Crystal's kids. 

Kimball had fun playing in my purse between that and playing with bubbles we brought

This is my other friends son, Justin. He is Brandon's best friend! He is a cute little boy!

There was a trash can by us and Brandon had to climb on top! He isn't sad here, just pouting and thinking that I should rescue him

Here is my other good friend Crystal! It is really funny because our initials are both CAH. She had a total of 3 kids with autism!

She played the catcher part. We had a fun time calling out to her, she was so kind and showed us some "booty"

Here is my newest friend, Lauren. She is Crystal's sister and has moved recently from Texas to Utah. She doesn't have any children with autism, but we like her so much she was allowed to join our club without any kids with autism! (she is actually very supportive and very understanding)

These are the ladies that I have spent most of my summer with. We have had a play date at least once a week and we sometimes have seen each other more! These are also the ladies that I have my girls night out with. They make me laugh! 


Luv 2 Kreate said...

How wonderful that you have so many great friends to get together with. Everyone looks like they are having fun :)

Amy said...

How fun you go to support friends, I should be better @ that. Cute photos!