Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nathan's Birthday

Remember when I was making those lego molds? Well after making gummi's and chocolates with them, I forgot to take a picture of them. Oh well, they turned out great and the kids loved them! We sent them home as treats for the kids.

Well my baby is now 6 years old! I can't believe how old he has gotten! I remember when he was born! My little Nay-Nay!

Here is his cake. Even though it was made to look like Legos, he thought it looked like a boat on water. I was going to make it out of fondant, but decided that I didn't have time and it was too much I wanted to do and so I just did regular icing. 

The little mounds are recses cups! I made 2 8x8 cakes and then 3 bread loaf cakes. Then we compiled them together. I made some ganache to cover it all and then put some colored icing on the top. Travis did try to write on the cake, but well it didn't turn out well, so we were able to fix it and he let me write. But he did construct the cake. So he was a good helper! 

Brandon worked hard on making Nathan a crown to wear, he wore it for a minute and then got ruined by water. 

We just had a laid back party. Playing in the water and jumping on the tramp. We had balloons that the kids had fun filling with water and then pouring them on each other. We had 7 kids come and out of that 4 of the kids have some form of autism so its best to just have a play date type of party. 

Here is my friend's son, Logan 

Halfway through the party my children were inside watch movies while everyone else was playing in the water. (See why it was relaxed and no games played?)

Here are my two friends Lauren and Crystal (the sisters). We just sat and watched the kids. Unfortunately Lauren had a bad attack (she has RA) and so they left early, but they still got some cupcakes and ice cream. We are VERY glad that they were able to come! 

Here are Lauren's two girls! Aren't they cute???

Here is the famous Justin. Both Brandon and Nathan LOVE playing with him! 

We made some Lego pizza that the kids loved! Then we were able to blow out candles on the cake. (Nathan just wanted the McQueen candle)

We ended the party with Nathan opening his presents. 

It was funny to watch all the kids just watch him! It was a "gathering".

Here I am holding Crystal's baby. It is nice to hold the babies and then hand them back. But she is such a sweetie! 

The birthday boy! I almost forgot to take a picture of just him this year! Last year I mostly just got everyone else and not him! This is a complete Nathan look!

There we go! Much better! Happy Birthday! 

After the party Brandon and I went to a friend's baptism. In our religion the children get baptized when they are 8 years old. Since Brandon is turning 8 in January and wants to get baptized, it was nice to have him see what would happen, although going I have realized that we need to practice going in the water! 

(For those that are curious, Nathan's birthday was on the 31st.)

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