Monday, August 9, 2010


In July (sometime) I decided that I wanted to go for a walk in the morning with everyone. So we took the kids to a little hiking area that Travis and I went to recently.
They were so excited to go! 

The walking area was seperated by a line, we had a hard time keeping the kids to one side so that a bike coming down wouldn't take a kid out. But then on the side of the trail there was a nice river. 

Nathan and Brandon would run up to a point ahead of us and then wait for us. Watching Nathan run, I think he would make a good runner if he wanted to. 

Here was about the halfway point. Nathan had made a baggy of goodies to eat! 

We came to a tunnel area that we decided to turn around at. Brandon really wanted to take pictures, so I allowed him to take one of us. Nathan took on of our feet!

They liked playing "echo" in the tunnel

Closer to the van, Kimball decided that he was tired and wanted to be held, he went back and forth between Travis and I. 

Nathan of course needed to get some rocks! We can't go anywhere without him wanting to find some rocks. He needed to here so that "Rocky" wouldn't get lonely. 

We had a fun time, but strangely enough we haven't gone back. Maybe that will be a fun thing to do this week!

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The Andrew's said...

Crystal- that sounds like a fun thing to do with the family, that everyone can enjoy. I love that Nathan gets rocks. I hope my kids have cute little hobbies like that!

Cute pic of you and Trav!