Monday, August 23, 2010

Springville Quilt Show

On Saturday I decided to be ambishish and take both Brandon and Nathan to a Quilt show nearby. Since Nathan has been in such a quilting frame of mind....meaning he asks me to sew every day! We did a quick (and quick because Nathan was screaming and touching all of the quilts) walk through and I was able to snap a few pictures of some quilts that I liked.
This had just some plain white blocks that had quilted flowers. It was very pretty, and I might just have to try it one day!! 

This reminded me of an irish type of quilt. Very pretty, but look at all of that patchwork!!!

I really liked this scrap color quilt!! It looks very awesome!! I should try to find and see if anyone has a type of pattern for this!! :D It is very pretty!! And a GREAT way to use up all of those scraps that I have! 

I am going to go again on Wednesday night with some family and maybe I can get a close look at the quilts again. 

The boys start school on Wednesday and so that means I can finally start getting time to quilt!!! YEAH!!! I have some moda projects that I need to start working on! 


Amy said...

How fun! And yeay for school :)

Jan said...

I love Moda fabric, and Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman....oh I guess I like all the designers!

Pat said...

The photos you took are "super" great. The quilts are lovely. You could make an Irish chain Crystal. They are one of the easiest quilts to make, my dear. You will have a lot of fun making it, and it doesn't take long to make one. Thank you for sharing such great photos from the show, my dear friend.
Happy Quilting!

badlandsquilts said...

I have seen that scrap quilt on a blog SOMEWHERE but can't IS cool!