Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brandon and Nathan's first day of school

Brandon started second grade and Nathan started first grade last Wednesday. I can't believe how big they are getting!!!

They are both going to the same school now! Although we are really concerned about Nathan and hope that he can handle going to a main stream class this year. 

This is their "silly" face one, so that I could get them to take a good one! 

Aren't they adorable! 

Brandon LOVES Sponge Bob right now and was very excited to wear his new shirt to school.

He is modeling now what grade he is going into!

We have a weighted turtle that sits in his lap to help him sit still. He has taken is turtle to school to help him

He was so excited! 

Here is Brandon waiting in his spot to go to his class. He was so excited that he was talking loud and laughing (I was really worried because the kids were already giving him some really weird looks, but after speaking to his teacher that is normal for the kids this age)

He has a friend in his class that he goes to church with, Josh...he calls him his "buddy"! I am so excited that he has a friend! He has been very nice to Brandon so far, so I have some high hopes for this! (If you don't already know, Brandon has Aspergers Syndrome and has a lot of problems with social situations and do to this he has a VERY hard time making and keeping friends)

Here is Nathan waiting for school to start in his spot for his class. He was so scared and made me stay with him until his teacher came out. My poor baby! 

By this time we put on his vest, it is just a presser thing. We put it on his chest and it gives him a very tight hug. It calms him down when he gets anxious! 

Here he is with his teacher. He did end up having a good first day, but had some problems with the calendar, apparently he didn't want it up and took it down while the teacher was out! But since then he has been doing a lot better. Which is good I just want him to succeed and do well in his class! He also has said that he has made a few friends, although when he wants a friend he can get them pretty easily, the tricky part is when "he" wants them.

Both the boys will have Speech Therapy at school. Brandon will work on learning social cues and reading faces of his peers and Nathan will work on his speech problems that he has. Also both the boy's teachers have worked VERY well with me so far! I am also working on making the boys a social story ( not sure how to explain it....it is a picture book showing the boys appropriate behavior and actions that they will perform, it helps with anxiety for them as well as helps them know what to expect).


Jan said...

Sounds like you have your year well under control. I hope the rest of the school year goes as well as the first day!

Pat said...

Just wonderful. May God bless those two little boys and help them along the way for sure. Such nice photos of them, and about them Crystal.
Happy Quilting!

Janet said...

It's wonderful how much you give to your sons.

Amy said...

Oh for cuteness!

Tiffany said...

Hi Crystal,
You may not remember me, but I just found your blog and I had to let you know I was here! This is Tiffany Searle. My husband Jeremy and I used to live by you in Provo. Jeremy worked with Travis for awhile and I was Brandon's and Nathan's Sunbeam teacher.
I can't believe how grown up they are!
Anyway, I'm excited to hear how things are going with your family. I didn't realize you were a quilter back when we were neighbors. I have just recently gotten more into it and I love it! No blog yet, but maybe some day...

Catherine said...

Nice to read about your boys going to school together and it sounds like the school is all geared up for their special needs. I'm sure they will do well!

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...


You give me so much hope seeing how both your boys are now mainstreamed. I worry about those days so much! We do have Boston in a regular pre-school though and so far so good. The whole IEP thing freaks me out, but it sounds like your boys are getting good services. That's also great Brandon has a friend. That's all I hope for, just one friend!