Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kimball's I spy quilt

I finished Kimball's quilt last week, I was able to quilt it on my Juki Long Arm Machine and frame. My Juki was broken but I was able to get it fixed...If you live in Utah County and don't mind driving down to Payson I know a GREAT and AWESOME and CHEEP sewing machine guy!!

 My mom got me some more fabric of trains because she knows that Kimball LOVES trains. So I was able to use it for the back. 

Kimball loved his i spy blocks.....but notice the koolaid that got spilled on it??? I am hoping that I can get it out in the future.

Kimball was helping me model it and was pretending to be a ghost at a same time. Silly boy!! 

He was giving it hugs and kissing it! He has slept with it every night since I finished it last Thursday.

 With how much he loves this quilt, it has made it all worth while for me! This is why you make quilts, so it can  be loved and cherished! 


Catherine said...

What a great I spy quilt and I can see it's well loved already!

Sara said...

Maybe some of that Grandma's Secret Spot remover? It's supposed to work on everything. I have used it a couple of times and it worked very well!

Glad your son is enjoying his very special quilt form mommy!

Sandra said...

This looks like such a fun quilt! Nice job:)