Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quilt Show

I was able to go the Quilt Show in Springville, Ut again with my Mother in Law and Sister in Law last Wednesday. I was able to take my time and read about all of the quilts!!! There seemed to be a lot of people there that night. Listening to others it made me feel like I NEVER would want to submit a quilt because of how much people criticized them and tried to figure out your quilting style. I don't know if I would like to submit something that I put my heart and soul into to have some stranger rip it apart, but then on the other hand walking through and seeing them all, it gave me convinced that I could create something that pretty as others. Have any of you ever submitted a quilt to a show?

On with some more quilts....
Here is a pretty fan quilt with beautiful oriental fabric. My MIL has a lot of oriental fabric that she bought in China, this was an idea she thought she could use them in. 

This was a BEAUTIFUL quilt made with some browns, tans and blues. I love how the pinwheels tie in all of the other blocks. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it, but I think the colors in this quilt is ADORABLE! 

My MIL really loved this quilt and would like to make one like this one day, but we don't know what kind of block it is, anyone know the name of it??? I think this would be nice to try to make it, but I am not really good with curves. 

If you know anyone who might know share the picture and let me know!! Although looking at it more close up, it doesn't have curves.....NICE!! I think I might be able to make it! 

Back to this quilt, I am desperate to find out how to make it!! From this far away it looks like it was made up of 9 big blocks. 

Here is a better picture of it. Anyone know what block type this is?? 

Any help would be grateful!!! I love how this is tilted and colored! Completely up my style of quilt right now! 


Pat said...

All of the quilts ae lovely. Yes, I've submitted quilts in many shows, and have been a judge in some quilt shows through out the years. It's fun to enter whether you get positive or negative remarks.
Happy Qulting!

jenj said...

That blue quilt is a Kaleidoscope quilt and the awesome thing is that there are actually no curves at all -- 0, zilch, nada! If you look closely, you can see that it is made up of one block -- a pinwheel with the corners cut off and then turned 45 degrees with new corner triangles sewn on.

I'm no expert, but I'm in the midst of making one right now and I have a tool called the "Kaleidoscope Smart Plate." It helps a lot. You can read about it at You make easy pinwheel blocks and then use the tool to cut off the corners the right way. There are other tools made by other companies that do something similar, I think. I've also seen kaleidoscope quilts done with templates. I imagine that paper piecing would work as well.

Tiffany said...

I saw the watercolor quilt a few months ago on the "Sew Inspired" blog.
Here is the link, in case you are interested in reading more about it: