Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Giveaway

I love giveaways and after winning a few, I think if you have the time, why not! I mean who DOESN'T like FREE things??

So Karen over at Badlands Quilts is having a giveaway to celebrate some milestones :D Congrats! :D

Reasons why you should enter:
1) You could win
2) Karen is so sweet and nice! She found the quilt I was wanting AND she looked for me! I mean how sweet is that???
3) You could win
4) Karen's blog is very cool. She has some awesome quilts and she has interesting posts!
5) You could win!!!!

So head on over!!! Oh you could win this.....
(One of these)


Amy said...

Love when you post things like this -- you do all the work for me! And it's awesome stuff, yeay!!

Pat said...

Sounds like Karen did some nice things for you my dear.
Happy Quilting!