Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Turning 34 Part I

Travis turned 34 the other day (I must say only being in my 20's....it feels weird being married to someone this old!).

Kimball has been thinking that it is his birthday for a long time, and so when I would ask Trav what kind of birthday cake he wanted, Kimball would always say Thomas (for Thomas the train).

My birthday present for Trav was mostly to do whatever he wanted and what did he want to do??
He wanted to stay home ALL day and do nothing. So he got to sleep in, and then play computer all day! (I must admit I was happy when it wasn't his birthday anymore so I could get help with the kids). 

I had errands to do all morning and so I took Kimball (boys were in school) with me. I didn't have time to make him a cake and really no time to make dinner (I was under a deadline....more later). So we stopped by Dairy Queen and got him a cake. Remember before and what kind of cake Kimball wanted??? Well lets just say I couldn't resist!! 

I just couldn't help myself, and well frankly Kimball saw it and there was no way I could get out of the place without it. But he wanted to eat it right then, so I got him a ice cream cone to make him happy. 

We had a nice dinner of pizza (from Winco...oh my it was good!) 

Then after much "nagging" from the boys we got the cake out. At first they were confused as to where the ice cream was but it wasn't until we explained that it was an "ice cream cake" and they finally took a bite, that they got the idea. 

You know how you take a million pictures so that you can have just a few good ones? (Well okay for me maybe a few okay ones). Well this was one picture....which lead to this....

(See how proud Brandon looks?? I don't think he did it on purpose but I don't know)

Kimball was inspecting the cake too closely, when he was bumped and "tasted" the cake

It was just us and I have no timer on my camera so this is a funny self portrait of all of us (I realized that I need to get into some of these pictures)

What a happy birthday boy! He had a WONDERFUL day.

Let the lighting of 34 candles begin.....

We had a small bond fire...

Managed to blow them out in one breath!!! (I knew he was full of hot air!!)

Happy Birthday sweetheart! I love you! 


Pat said...

Happy "belated" biarthday to you, Travis. What great photos Crystal. Like I say, such a great and wonderful family. Yes, you are surely blessed my dear friend.
Happy Qulting!

The Andrew's said...

Happy Belated Birthday Travis!!! I love the cake

Amy said...

How cute! Love the photos - you have the most adorable family! And Happy Birthday to Travis!!

Stephen and Heather said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! Ice cream cake is one of my favorites. Happy Birthday Travis!