Saturday, September 4, 2010

New School Bags

For School this year I decided to make the boys their own school bag! I was tired of buying them a new bag every year and then a few months later they get a hole!! And this is a 10 dollar bag! I also like getting them a new bag each year because I always enjoyed it growing up! So this is what i made them....
Brandon's is the orange and Nathan's is the blue. Brandon normally wanted a sponge bob one but I didn't think that would be okay for his age. I told him we could a patch on the inside if he wanted, and so he colored a paper and put it in the inside!

Here is the inside for Brandon, perfect size for what he needs! 

Inside of Nathans, and a beautiful picture of my foot! 

Nathan's strap was too long and I didn't want to cut it so we could use it for other things later so I pinned it really well with safety pins and then created a little band for it! 

The boys LOVE their bags! Which makes me happy and it all worth while!! 

I used this pattern.....I found it by just googleing messenger bag tutorial.

If you would like to make this, I would suggest that if you are going to quilt the sides, I would quilt them before your sew them together to make the bag. If that makes sense (let me know if you have questions)

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Pat said...

Say Crystal. Those are really nice bags that you made. "Super" nice job. Love the fabric that you chose for them too. I bet they really love them, and sure will get a lot of use.
Happy Quilting!