Saturday, September 11, 2010

Outside Concert

Last week my friend Annie got tickets to a Beetles concert. It was for a charity cause and was done by some who "look" like the Beetles. It was outside in a concert area.
 It turned out to be a good concert with some good music. We did end up leaving at the intermission but that was because we had school the next morning and it was past bed time (7pm)

It took place on a big hill. We had brought chairs and blankets, but just ended up on the blankets

Here are some more kids in our group, my friends Crystal and Laurens kids

Lucie, Annie's daughter. She was showing me her new smile!

Here is Adam and Annie. I had to get Adam to smile better and sit closer to his wife, but in the end he realized that you always listen to the person with the camera!

Nathan at the beginning wasn't very happy. It was a very long day and then being in a new area with a lot of people was just pushing him too much.....

But in the end he was happy. I am not sure if it was because we let him run up and down the hills or because we promised some ice cream

Brandon had fun too (I promise that this is a smile!)

Had to get a picture of Mommy and Kimball!

Annie from the beginning took Crystal's baby Hailey. So cute!!

Here is Lilly, Lauren's daughter. She was cute to watch during it

Tackling Mommy

And then Tackling Daddy. 

We let the kids run on the big hill, well when the concert started Brandon and Nathan came back and sat down, leaving poor Kimball. He couldn't find us again! So Daddy went and rescued him.

The boys wanted to keep running so Daddy stayed the rest of the time over on the other side of the concert on the hill and watched the boys for me so I could socialize more

Here is Kayla and Aubrie, cousins and best friends

During the concert it got a little cold. So I took a blanket and put it over me, Kimball who was only in a sleeveless shirt and shorts came and would hide under the blanket with me. I thought it was really cute.

He did have fun running back between Mommy and Daddy. The people between us soon got used to him running over their stuff

Crystal was the big entertainment, playing and dancing with her kids. Here she is with Logan. What a good Mommy! 

We had a great time and then enjoyed a nice ice cream cone afterwards (in our warm car). 

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Pat said...

Wow! Big time geat Crystal. Loved it. Reminded me of old times many years ago with my family. You can just tell everyone is having so much fun. You and travis do a lot with the boys, and the happiness actually shnes thru the boys. Thank you for sharing yor wonderful times. Really liked the Beatles years ago too.
Happy Quilting!