Thursday, September 9, 2010

Diaper Bag

My Sister in law will be having her first baby next month (well maybe this month....she just wants to come out early). Since she lives all the way in Colorado I wasn't able to attend the baby shower or just in general be with her during this time. So I called her and talked to her and found out that she still needed a diaper bag. So after looking for a few and then getting help from my good friend Rene, I found a cool diaper bag tutorial.

I began to get going because well the baby just wants to come out.....I was very nervous and scared that I would ruin it....and well just all in all tense...

Travis was very sweet and kind and helped me relax and said that if it didn't look right, then fine I got to keep it and got to make another one. But unfortunately I made it just fine! After I relaxed it came together nicely (see what relaxing can do!)

(Front view)
Amber (SIL) has a brown and pink theme, so I made a brown and pink bag. Fairly neutral prints so it will blend with all of her things. 

(Back view)
There was a zipper in the back and at first I was really scared but when you actually use a "zipper foot" its not that bad.

(Inside view)
I did some deeper pink for the pockets. It was kinda hard to get the pockets to work, well sew it together with the elastic, but well worth it in the end.

(Side view)
There are pockets all around the front and sides. This is what made me frustrated in the first place and trying to understand the instructions, but again in the end it turned out fine. 

One thing I did learn is to make sure that you don't use too stiff of an interfacing. I used a pretty stiff one and I could barley sew a top seam on the bag because it was so thick. I broke 4 needles on it! (They were the heavy duty needles too)

I am entertaining the idea of taking this pattern (with the permission of the author) and making a few bags to sell. Mostly because I liked making it (see once again, see what relaxing can do) and I thought hey, maybe I could make something out of doing something I like! Maybe if my wishes come true I could actually afford to fund my quilting passion!