Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jared's Quilt

Remember when I was saying that I was working on a quilt for Travis's friend Jared, for his wedding?
Well I worked hard on it all week and was able to finish it. I got all the blocks made and a few rows put together when Travis asked if I could make it bigger, so I went and bought more fabric and added another row to the bottom and an extra block to each row. (I was doing a mixed up pattern so it was easy enough to add). But when I got to the point where I needed to put it on my frame, it was too big! So I had Travis rip out the extra column of blocks. But when I got to the very end I couldn't add the extra row because I didn't have enough back fabric. (I was bad and didn't double check measurements). BUT in the end it turned out just fine!
I wanted to give it a cool name, but in the end it will just end up being called Jared's quilt! 

When I was all done putting the top together I realized that I put on 4 (used to be 5) blocks backwards! I was prepared this time to rip out my seams and put them right, but Travis really liked it like that, so I left it. I wasn't really looking forward to ripping seams anyway.

I just did a simple stippling on it, I needed to get it quilted fast. I used a dark green color and a medium size weave. Up close you can see it clearly but from a distance this is what it looks like!

I made them some matching pillow cases with the extra blocks and then some throw pillows. The block size is only 8" so they were small throw pillows but I thought it would be a nice complete set. I of course forgot to take a picture of those! Oh well, just think beautiful!

For the back I used a dark brown sheet. I like using sheets for a simple back, if I am not planning on adding anything because they are so quick! This makes it look faded, but it really is a nice deep color. I used a nice deep green for the binding.

I had to get a quick picture of them at the reception. The one behind the computer is another friend from work, Issac, and then there is Jared and his new wife Kim! They loved the quilt! Which makes me happy! I have to admit that I didn't wrap the quilt, but folded it and put a bow on it so that I could see their face when they saw it. It was nice, they loved it and then put it up to display. (Doesn't Jared look like Travis a little?)

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Pat said...

Very nice my dear. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Quilting!