Monday, September 27, 2010

Family History Monday

Longan berry 

What stories have come down to you about your parents? Grandparents? More distant ancestors?
I don't really remember any particular story about my parents, but I do love it when my Dad tells me stories about his family. Growing up I knew his Mom and Dad, an Uncle and Sister, and of that....that is all I know of the Longans. So I guess since I don't know many of the extended family, I would love to hear my dad tell us what he was told growing up and just about my distant ancestors. From everything that I have heard, my family seems to be a good one! 

Is there a naming tradition in your family, such as always giving the firstborn son the name of his paternal grandfather?
There isn't a particular naming tradition, but we do try to name the child after someone with their middle names, try meaning that all of my siblings were named after someone with their middle names but I wasn't. I guess there was nothing that went with Crystal. But I know that we have done that with our children. 

What do you know about your family surname?
I know that my family is generally from Ireland, or in that area. So that is where I assumed the name came from, but after googling turns out that it is a fruit! It is a berry that is grown in Asia. Also Longan isn't a very popular name and so if there are Longans out there, chances are I am related to them.


Lopez Life said...

At chinese resuarants they have longan berry drinks. I've never tried one though.

Token Asian Friend said...

Longans (or long-yans) are very good! It is Chinese for "Dragon eyes" because that is what the fruit looks like. BTW, I love the bags you made for your boys!