Friday, September 10, 2010

Gotta a sword?

On Sunday night we let the boys sleep in the living room. It's a big treat for them and they look forward to any occasion to sleep downstairs. So since there was no school on Monday we let them stay up late and sleep in the living room. But before we could even get to the watching of their favorite shows Daddy started his favorite game.....Sword fight!
The boys love to play with Dad, but before we begin we have to get "powered" up.
Kimball is saying "by the power of Thomas" 

[Dad grew up watching Heman, and we were able to find some episodes for the boys to watch. They liked them but what they gained most from it was the powering up from normal to a fighter. In the show Heman puts his sword in the air and says "by the power of grey skull" and transforms. So from this part, before we play, we have to "power up"]

Nathan is saying "by the power of soccer boy"

Then Brandon is saying "by the power Indiana Jones" (We have been playing Indiana Jones on the WII lately)

Daddy stands alone and gets ready

But we have time to stop and give Mommy a smile 

The fighting begins!! Brandon and Nathan have learned that Daddy has the upper hand so we get in some hits, but mostly we yell and try to intimitate, but Kimball still thinks he can conquer Daddy so he engages a lot!  

Sometimes we resort to whatever we can, and Kimball has just lost his sword and is trying to scare by pretending to bite (No Daddy's or children were hurt while playing this game)

Brandon and Nathan got some more weapons, Brandon has a shoe string whip, and Nathan has a racket shield to help them in their fight

Daddy gets another out! 

Oh no he got Kimball , and what??? He gives him a kiss?? The special torture of Daddy! 

Nathan gains the upper hand by transforming his sword

Daddy wins by capturing Kimball (Okay so Daddy is tired and ends the game)

By the power of playing! 

(Notice how Mommy has learned to stay out of the game?)

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Pat said...

That's just wonderful. Travis is sure a wonderful daddy with his boys. Like I keep telling you, you are truly blessed my hear friend. Everyone is having so much fun. Yes, even you, my dear.
Happy Quilting!