Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My Husband had a fun "boys" night last week. His friend Jared invited him to go exploring in a closed down mine. Jared had gone before and knew the area and was going again so invited Travis. Travis drug his little brother with him, and the three had a blast! I made Trav promise to take pictures and then I threatened Jared that if he didn't remind Trav to take pictures I wouldn't let Trav go out again! Jared lived up to his word, and whenever he goes again Trav is more than able to go with him! (Like I could make my hubby stay home!!)
This is Trav and his brother John, in the entrance of the mine

Here is Jared and Trav (some would say that they look like brothers...Jared had a bald head too!)

Trav loved the how when he went into the mine, it felt like he went back into time. Everything just looked old was all. This is some sort of water something. Not sure, but he liked it. 

It was huge, so they had Jared stand next to it, Jared is 6'2"

There was a lot of mold everywhere. Trav said it looked like someone had a big shaving cream fight, and the mold felt like shaving cream too. If it wasn't for the fact that they place is locked up, I would say that they did. 

They found an old mine cart upside down and posed by it for me (I love how John smiled so pretty for me!)

John was taking one of Trav now, but was complaining that it wasn't turning out. Jared leaned over and told him it was because his thumb was over the flash

There we go!

While Jared was chipping away at the rock to get a few pieces, Trav found this latter. It would go up to a landing and there would be another latter. It went all the way up to the top

Here is some of the track, they built it up to make it even, just a few feet off the ground

Here was some of the braces that held the tunnels. Trav said that there was over 21 miles of tunnel. They only closed down the mine because it stopped producing was all. 

As they were climbing back out of the mine, they took a break and started chipping at rock....

They found some pretty pyrite with iron. Trav did bring home some nice pieces. 

Going down into the mine they went down to well over 1000 feet, but it was at a 45 degree angle. So going down they slid a lot and going up they took a lot of breaks! Here is John and Trav at 950 feet under. 

Once Trav got home, he was so dirty! He took off his cloths and we had to get a picture of how bad he got. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show justice to just how dirty he was! 

All in all he had a great time and would love to go back again! John too! I told him that Jared needs to take him a kid friendly cave/mine so that me and the boys could come. I would go to the caves but I think I would be too paranoid half the time, but we will see. Maybe I can rope someone into watching my kiddos while Trav and I go! 

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