Sunday, September 26, 2010


I want to say not much has been going on, but unfortunately that is NOT the case. My camera was broken in the mine cave that Travis goes to, so I haven't taken very many pictures. Also I just don't think I have gotten much done.

My Mom (thanks again) got me a new camera so I can finish my Moda projects (they are very important to me) and I have that now so hopefully I can get some picture taken and have more "interesting" things to post.

I need some help from my fellow bloggers.....more in particular....those that have an esty store or a store in general that they sell things.

I am looking for advice. I was thinking of creating one (to help support our income, since Travis still doesn't have a full time job) and I am just not 100% sure what is out there in the market, and what is popular right now and pricing. I have a list of a few things that I want to make. It will all be homemade things, I don't have the capital to start a fabric store of any kind, although I would love to in the future. So any advice in this category would be wonderful!!!! Also any suggestions in pricing :D

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Robin said...

Hi! Was blog surfing and yours popped up. Saw this post. I just started a shop on Etsy in April, and my best advice is that if you want to support your income, don't count on a site like Etsy for awhile. There are so many new shops that open up daily, and I am by no means trying to turn you off of something like this as I love my shop and am having so much fun with it!

If you do start one, the best way to go for pricing is to see what other shops with your same type of product is, and scour plenty of them for their prices. Then when you have a general idea, go with your gut!

If you can make your shop stand out from the others, in time, it could be very successful.

If you have any other questions (and I can answer them too) here is my email...
Here is my shop address if you want to look at it and get an idea of anything...

Have a great weekend (soon)!