Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time flys when your having.....

Well my plan for posting the winner of the giveaway.....a little late! But it's fine because I have the winner......(imagin a drum roll).......and the winner is.........

Kelsey!!! Congratulations woman!!! As a mom of a child with autism I am sure this will make her life easier!!

But I encourage you all to continue to spread the word about this awesome autism tool! Because now if don't know anyone with autism, I guarantee you will within a year or two!

Now some may be wondering why the time was flying so fast and where the heck was I?? Good question. I was finishing up on a quilt deadline. Happy to say that I am done with it as of last night! (Halla!!) It is a BEAUTIFUL quilt that I can't wait to share with everyone!!! But as it is for a magazine publication I have to wait! But I will give some teasers... cause I just want to!!

The quilting on this quilt was just amazing....well maybe not my skill, but the time it took. For this queen size quilt...(90"x100") it took me 43 hours to quilt!! 43!!!!! Thank goodness I enjoyed every bit of it!

Each of my stitch circles (I like to call this pebbling) was roughly 1/4" circle, and when doing this you had to go around each circle at least 1 1/2 times to 2 times. Maybe one of these days I will do a tutorial on it. 

This was a very colorful quilt so I had 9 different thread changes!! Well a lot more changes than that since I had to quilt it a certain way, but 9 different colors. Here is a little tease of it on the back. You can just see it better that way. 

For those of you that live close to me, you can feel free to come and see it! It is beautiful and stunning. I just wish that my pictures I took of it gives it enough justice. Although when Travis asked who I was making it for, he got really excited when I told him it was for us to keep. It right now is on my bed! Lovin' it!