Monday, November 7, 2011

I want my Baby BACK!

I want my Baby BACK! I have been plagued with misfortune with my Juki. It seems to have a VERY persitant bobbin problem. I am not 100% sure what is causing it, I just know that within in the last year and a half it has been broken 3 different times!! 
Since money doesn't grow on trees here, I have had to wait MONTHS to get it fixed each time! I just want my Baby to be fixed and have her back with me! 

I finally have her with a guy who is good with machines, I explained him the problem (2 1/2 pages, front and back!) Her history, so hopefully he can get the root of the problem and fix her! 

My pile of quilting is rising rapidly as is many many deadlines! So I want to know if anyone has this Juki T98Q and their thoughts. I know Amanda Jean from CrazyMomQuilts has one and we have discussed hers, but I want to know if anyone else is plaqued with their Juki. 

In the meantime I will keep up my crochet projects that are causing very bad carpel tunnel in my left hand! 
Some current Crochet projects:
- Angry birds (I have made them all but for one, and am now combining my own pattern for each one, that I will in time share with EVERYONE for FREE)
- Dinosaurs
- Hats 
- Cowls
- Little boy slippers
- Little doll dresses
 - Tractor
- Horses

See how my carpel tunnel came? 

Also does anyone have a gender for their sewing machine or even a name?? I am tried to find a good name for my Juki....since I have finally decided that she is a girl!


diegoagogo said...

I feel your pain. After owning my baby for nearly 30 years, I decided that I needed a new machine to take me through the next 30 years. I finally after much saving etc bought a brand new VERY expensive Pfaff.
It sewed like a dream in the shop. At home? not so much!! The top seam looked fantastic but turn it over & it was one crazy mess!!
I was distraught!! Then a friend who has a new Pfaff came over & watched what I was doing.
The problem?? I had threaded it wrong!!! The pictures in the instruction book MISSED A LOOP!!!!
I had the machine a year before this was sorted & she had been back to the shop twice!!
She is a "She", her name is Gretchen & I finally love her.
I wish you luck
London, UK

Brooke said...

Oh no! I don't have a Juki so I can't help you there, but I can send you lots of sympathy because living without a properly working machine is the pits! We need to make proper quarter inch seams like we need to eat and drink!

Now......I have absolutely no idea if this is even remotely helpful, but it just so happens that I stumbled upon a new blog recently and read about a bobbin washer. This may or may not be a handy tool to consider. You can read about it on a blog called Free Motion Quilting Project. I have been making quilts for a long time and had never heard of this. Seems like it might be too easy to fix your problem, but I'll take a one in a million shot!

My machine has a name!! My first Janome was Lucy, so when I upgraded last year we named her Big Ethel. :-) She's my soul mate.

Your Moda Bake Shop project is really cute...congrats on a MBS appearance!! Good luck with that machine!

Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

Ugh...this happened to me this past summer with a different machine. The kicker, the shop is always closed. Luckily, mine was old and dear hubby bought a new machine. But is was so difficult to be machine less for almost four weeks! Love you blog, found you on Moda! I have four boys, so I love to hook up with boy quilting moms!!

Barb in Mi said...

Have a Juki 98Q - never had an issue (but once when I forgot to oil it - duhh me). It's sitting on a frame and sews/ quilts great. I have used bobbin washers and they work, but are not really needed. As for thread: I use 100% cotton C&C thread ( JoAnns) or Connecting Threads cotton and they both work for me. Any poly stuff is a disaster for correct tension! I hope your repair guy makes it happen - otherwise will be happy to try to help!
Saw you @ MBS and love your 2 Terrain quilts!
No name for my machines though - I guess that's where my engineering nature comes thru...

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