Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Saturday

  In Relief Society we have activities called "Super Saturdays". These days are usually filled with tons and tons of crafts! I am sure you can have one that doesn't require crafts, but I haven't ever been to one!
 So we gathered our things and set up in our cultural hall (gym)
 We did blocks, that we then put matted scrapbook paper and then vinyl letters of your last name...
 Nathan stayed with me to help, and he took a quick snap shot of me....
 Then we did a christmas are the number blocks.
 We also had a station to make some fabric totes....This is Jenny and she made and awesome bag!
She forgot her fabric, so I let her go with my scraps and this is what she made! She is so creative!

I can't wait until our next Super Saturday which will be in June....we have an awesome lady who puts them together!


Tiffany said...

I wish we would have a Super Saturday in our ward! We have been so focused on food storage - which is definitely a good thing, that we haven't done any crafts since I first moved in! My house needs more cute stuff!

AddieNCE said...

Such a wonderful idea... there are so many things that I wish we had here in Germany too - but that would never work out (well, at least not where I live) :(

I have been wondering if I should try to organize something like your so called Super Saturday - but I doubt that many people would show up to such an event here.

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WoW! that is such a great idea.=D