Friday, November 4, 2011

Kimball's Dinosaur Quilt

 Here is Kimball's Dinosaur quilt. I had quite a few dinosaur squares left from Nathan's quilt, but they were too many that were the same, so I couldn't use them all. But decided if I could add some colored squares to them I could get a good sized quilt.
 My math is ALWAYS off, and for some reason I kept messing up my measurements!! I hate it when I do that! So when it came down too it, I thought it needed some more width, so I went to the store and grabbed some flannel dinosaur print that matched the dinosaur squares.
 The back of the quilt I was able to get a small patchwork on the back, and then was able to use other dinosaur prints and colored fabrics.

 Kimball LOVES the quilt! Which of course makes it a complete success!
 Nathan was pretty understanding about Kimball getting his dinosaur quilt before his, although he has been reminding me quite a bit to finish his.

I hope that this quilt will last Kimball a long time and that he can look back on it with fond memories.


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Susan said...

It's a great quilt, but what I loved is the picture of Nathan hugging Kimball and his quilt. That's priceless!