Friday, April 6, 2012

Dinosaur Museum Field Trip

Last month I was able to go on a field trip with Kimball. This is my fourth time attending this particular field trip. I always enjoy it and as do my boys. Since Brandon is home schooled now, I took him with me so that he could enjoy the field trip as well.

**Looking at these pictures, it makes me wish I had either a better camera or that I was a better photographer! 

 At the beginning of the trip they talked about what they could and could not touch...this was a thing they "could" touch. Kimball told me every time we saw one!
 Kimball and his friend in his class.
 This museum has a little cave that they can walk through...I have a picture like this of all my boys around this age from each of their field  trips! I will have to put them all together and look at them....
 Brandon had fun during the field trip and took his DS so that he could take pictures too. I have no idea what type he got but he was constantly taking pictures!
 I think Kimball was on a "silly high" because he was so excited that I was there and just happy to be around dinosaurs!
 Brandon was really good and posed for me a lot!
 There is also a place where they could play in the water and sand and dig for little toys and whatnot. Kimball liked it, but was ready to move on really soon.
 I was told that Kimball wanted one of these for a pet...which led to a week's discussion from all the boys as to which dinosaur would make the best pet and which one they wanted.

 Kimball was getting tired and so this is his "grumpy" and "I'm not going to smile" look. Just a moment later he started to smile!
 Then we moved on to the last part of the museum where they could dig for dinosaur bones!
 The boys really like this part! I think this is what they think being a palaeontologist would be like.

Afterwards of course we had to go to the gift shop and Brandon used the last of his Birthday money to buy stuff and then each boy got a small stuffed dinosaur. They love them and sleep with them all the time now! My little dinosaur boys!

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Hope said...

It's funny how dinosaurs can be cuddly as toys when they were anything but in real life :) I think your photos are just fine. They capture the memories of a great day, which is the main thing.