Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sew Mama Sew Fat Quarter Idol

I just have to say that Sew Mama Sew does an awesome job to get fellow quilters interested in them. They host massive giveaway swaps and contests and give tons of useful information! Right now they are having a contest for the next Fat Quarter Idol

So basically you go through their store and find 12 different fabrics that you like under each category that they give. Each week they give a new one, and if they like you, then you  move on! Once you find the fabric that you like, you just pin it to a new board on your Pinterest account! Seriously they are combining two  great loves! Fabric and Pinterest! Easy right? Well if you do end up winning, you get your fabric free! Nice right? Well here are the basic rules....
So this week's theme is Sweet Child of Mine. Here is what I wrote (basically describes why I did what I did too).

"This is so fun! We can have the chance to play designer and play with the different fabrics!
I am a mother of 3 autistic children, and this month being National Autism Awareness Month, and it being a child theme, how could I not pick fabrics that represent my wonderful children in a multi-color of fabric! There is no specific color for Autism Awareness but a puzzle of a mix of colors representing the rainbow because each child with autism is very different from another child with it.

I can explain why I chose each and every design of fabric for my “masterpiece”! ( So please let me know if you are curious as to why I choose each one! I’m lucky enjoy that there was something in each color that represented at least one of my children!)


**Autism Fact – Now 1 in 89 children have some form of Autism** "

Here is a mosaic of my fabrics too.
So if your like me, love Pinterest and love to look at fabric, give it a try! It seriously took me about 15 minutes! 

Here are some of the ones that I looked through and found very nice! It makes me hope that mine passes onto the next round! 

This also gives you and idea of what others are doing as well! So go and give it a try, what is the worst that could happen? Not win?

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