Monday, October 26, 2009

Brandon's Quilt

With 2 kids down with a quilt, it is time for me to start on Brandon's quilt. He said that he wanted to have a colorful quilt with lots of colors, so I decided to make him this quilt. (Side note: I love this blog and this woman, even though I have never met her. I tell everyone about her and send everyone to her blog. ) I have all of the stuff to make it, just need to finish it now, and since I am done with Kayla's quilt , I can do it. Although I am trying to finish my quilt along!! More pictures to come!! I am hoping to have the quilt top finished by today or tomorrow.

1 comment:

Amy and Cody said...

Very bright and fun! I love love love the puzzle pieces, so cute! You are super crafty and Kayla's quilt was beautiful!