Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parties

Today I had 2 different Halloween parties to go to. The joys of having multiple kids, and in two different schools.

The boys were so excited to go to school this morning they were both ready for school at 6:45am!! That is semi normal for Nathan, but with Brandon I usually have to drag him out of bed so he can get to school by 8am.

I had to be at Brandon's school by 10:15, and I had to run to the store before I went, so I had to have kimball ready to go and since his brothers were dressed up he should go. So I got some pictures of Nathan and Kimball. (I didn't think about getting one of Brandon before school)
Kimball wanted his picture taken but then got mad at me.
(Do you see Nathan's beautiful art work behind Kimball?? Nathan glued paper to the door and Kimball colored the door. I can't get it off)
Here is Brandon and his costume parade at school. He was so happy to see me! He loves it when I go to his school. I helped hand out goodies that they earned for learning things, like their address, phone number, couting by 2's....that sort of thing. Then I had made 5 dozen sugar cookies for his class to decorate later.
Then I had a hot date with my husband!!! We went to Subway, our new favorite place to eat. I was told by Nathan and Brandon that I HAD to dress up, so I go with my favorite costume, Raggedy Ann.
Then off to Nathan's class room. Now I was in charge of the party, and since I am, I don't get good pictures. But all the kids had so much fun! We made pumpkin rattlers, duck tape candy corn candy bags (that is a mouth full) and popcorn hands.
Nathan was busy getting his things ready to go home so he didn't want his picture taken.
If you have ever had a little child with you and you try to teach or help out with a party, you can't watch your kid very much!! I am so lucky that Nathan's teachers love Kimball. They couldn't get enough of him, he thought it was pretty nice. And he got lots of candy too.
So now our day is done and I am pooped!!!! But it is worth the memories and all the hard work that I do for the children, and I would do it all over again tomorrow if I could!!
Now I can start thinking of Christmas activites to do!! :D

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