Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kimball's Birthday

For the boy's birthday we always let them decide what they want for dinner, and they always choose eating out....Mcdonalds....no exception for Kimball. So we went to dinner for Kimball, and due to events during the day I wasn't able to make him a cake, so after dinner we stopped off and got a cake and then went home.
I find that as the years have progressed I have become busier and don't have time to do as much as I like, thank goodness the boys don't mind store bought cakes and non home cooked meals. Maybe when they get older they might want it, but we will wait until then. Of course Kimball was very excited to be at Mcdonalds.
Nathan for once let me take his picture. He was bounching all over the place. He liked this toy, when you slid on the piano it made noise.
Daddy and his boy...Kimball has always been a daddy's boy.
Don't they look alike??? Give Kimball some brown hair and he would look like his daddy.
I don't know why but every time I try to take Brandon's picture, if he is holding something, he brings it up to his face...so here he is with his new toy.
Ahh my boy. The 3rd attempt always works!!!
Kimball was a little confused with the cake and wasn't sure what to do but he got it in the end.
Even with the presents he wasn't sure what to do, so again Daddy had to show him what to do. Then he got into it.
I made him the pants he is wearing, a jumpsuit one and a sweater.
After this present, everything was lost, and he didn't have eyes for anything else, so Nathan got to help him open his last present.
The cake was really good! Maybe too good, it didn't last long.
Happy 2nd Birthday Kimball!


Landon & Kayla said...

I seriously cannot believe how big he is!!!! Happy Birthday Kimball!
Sorry I missed it Crystal!!! You have the cutest boys ever!!!

Mac said...

He's so big! I guess I haven't seen him in a while, huh?

Happy Birthday Kimball!