Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Day

Here is what happened on Christmas Day...
 We all woke up and put on a pair of our brand new pajamas! Here is one for Brandon....his Magic School Bus one.
 Nathan was just a little excited!
 Kimball had a hard time opening gifts, but we got there.
The boys were so sweet sitting next to each other opening gifts and telling each other what they were getting.
 Travis was our "handler" and handed everyone their gifts. He is wearing is skill pajamas.
I was pretty tired, and am wearing my doughnut pajamas.

Then we chilled for a bit, I got a nap! Then we went down to Springville to be with family.

Sierra was so excited....we stayed the rest of the day at Grandma and Grandpa Walkers. 

 Brittney was so cute running around changing all the time (reminds me of when I was young)
 They all had fun playing with their new toys. Here is Kimball's new pajamas, a train one.
 Nathan is wearing his army pajamas. They had a hard time waiting for his Aunt and Uncle to get there to open presents.
 Here is Uncle Wayne smashing Brittney...cute.
 Here are some of the people who were there. We just stood at the sides and watched the kids tear presents apart.
 Kimball got this Thomas flashlight and he LOVED it!
 Travis loved playing with his nieces! He is such a teaser....
Then all of us! We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!


Jacqueline said...

So, I hadn't made it all the way down my morning blog roll - and I hit the 'next blog' button from another person's blog - and WOWSER! It brought me to you! I <3 your candids and LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all the smiles! Looks like Christmas was phenominal! xoxo

Kayla said...

I love the pic of trav with the little girl around his neck, too cute!!

I love all the Jammies....yours are my favorite!

david grohl said...

wow your happy family i love it n i like your boys