Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's

For New Year's we went to Tooele Utah to stay the night with Trav's little brother and his family. Everyone gathered (all of Trav's siblings) and we watched kids play, ate and played games into the New Year.

 Nathan (he had the funniest faces)
 Here is Trav's cousin Tyler...he was there. He is running to jump on a bean bag. That was a very weird game the kids played.
 Aunt Melissa was very good at keeping the kids organized and waiting their turn in line.
 Kimball would run over to Grandma all the time and snuggle with her until his turn. He had to share her lap with Brittney that would do the same.
 You can kinda see me in the corner crocheting....the adults just stayed at the side and watched
 I loved how Trav laided down in the floor...
 Then after the playing and eating we put the kids to bed. The boys fell asleep quickly...Brandon started out on the couch and then fell down onto the floor. Kimball is underneath the Thomas blanket.
 Then the adults played a little of wii....
 Then some of us played a game called Quelf....such a FUN game!! It brings people out of their comfort levels. It was awesome.
 Jacque (Riley and Carson's mom and John's wife) was really excited to play... Melissa here was nervous. She had played the game before and knew what she was getting into.
 I had her take a picture of me and Trav....
 Then Tyler being silly....Trav pulling my ear and then me pulling his (dumb) beard.
 My MIL (Cindy) and Trav's sister Rose had to have their arms around each other for over half of the game and then Rose had to do a weird hand wave whenever someone drew a card (you do it on every turn)
 April and Jacque had to dance for 1 minute! We thought it was so funny!
 Every time someone said Trav's name he had to do the "whatever" sign.
 Then we rung in the new year with sparkling cider and watching the ball drop!
 Happy New Year!! Good-bye 2010!

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Kayla said...

That games sounds seriously fun!!

I love the pics! Looks like your news years was great! :)