Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Whenever I think of the new year I think of resolutions. I usually actually make 1 or 2 different ones and they last like everyone else 3 months total! Although depending on the resolution it lasts longer. One that I had last year was make at least 1 quilt a month. It didn't turn out exactly that way, but I did get more than 12 quilts made this year so I think I'm good. A total of 20. Good progress is you ask me.

This year I want to finish all of my WIP quilts. I think since they are all mostly started and halfway done I think I can get it done. I have the following quilts:

I have most of these in other posts so I gave a refresher, after I finish all of these I want to start new ones!! I really need to make a list of the top ones I want to make. Then I have a few scheduled quilts that I need to make, but this is my goal for next year, so keep checking on me so I can make sure I actually finish my goal!

What is your New Year's Goal??


Jacqueline said...

"Dont give yourself resolutions! Give yourself Challenges!" The wisdom of generations before... My Challenge for the new year is to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Rain or shine. (Or in todays case - snow!) And then I decided to add another Challenge - a photo a day OF ANYTHING with a weekly blog post of the photos... I cant wait to see how your projects evolve! <3

Alex and Katie said...

My new years goal? Talk to you! Seriously.