Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Modern Siggy Swap2

I wanted to join this the first time, but I guess that is why they are doing a second one! For those of us that didn't  get in the first time.

What is a Siggy Swap? A group of us blogging quilters make blocks with our signature and state. We then send this to one person and they distribute them to all of the others in the group. In this particular swap there are 148!! But however they decided to do the blocks we are each making 101!

This is where I am a very bad person....I wanted to do this and signed up and got in, then I forgot!!! I know I am terrible but life just comes and throws all routines and plans out the window. So while I was checking my sites I realized (literally) "I want to do that, I wonder if I can get in still.....wait a minute, I am in! Oh no how much time do I have left??? Oh phew I have until July 1st!" So with that I made the blocks today!! Now tomorrow they will be off in the mail and yeah I am in and got it done in time!!! Now when I get all of my different blocks I will make a wall hanging of them of fellow quilters. I will hang it on my bedroom wall above my quilting frame....and then maybe for kicks I will add a us map (make Travis happy) and mark where all of my blocks are from!!
I used some left over fabric from the Moda line....Tweet Tweet by Keiki Very pretty fabric! 

(I wonder how Rachel from PS I quilt gets her pictures so pretty....oh I wish I could do the same....hey Jenni see where one of your 3 cameras would go to good use for me!!!)

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mamaTAVE said...

I love the US map idea! Just wanted to stop by and say "thanks" for visiting my blog on Giveaway Day last month. Take care.