Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

I just want to start out to shout out a big Happy Fathers Day to everyone!! I doubt many "fathers" read my blog, but just in case....Happy Fathers Day!

Today we had a nice easy day. Travis had a WONDERFUL day! He got to chill and not take care of any kids today! We started out with breakfast in bed..bacon, eggs and toast. Then after eating he took another nap before we headed off to church. But before we left, we got a package at the door from some ladies in the ward. It was a tie that Brandon and Nathan colored for him at church. He loved it as well as I did. I have always wanted to make Trav a tie like this and now he has one and I didn't have to make it!
I love at the top that Brandon wrote Fight on it, and then his teacher added wrestle so it didn't look bad! 

For the life of me I could not get the boys to all look at me at the same time, oh well.

We ordered Trav's fathers day gift last month. He has wanted a hat that was worn from the movie, "Zombie Land". His favorite movie. It just cracks him up and he carries it on his ipod. So he wanted this hat that is made in Brazil. It is entirely made of recycled pieces from canvas tarps that were used on the trucks. So we finally got him one. He LOVES it.

Then I made him his traditional father's day shirt. He wanted a polo shirt done so he could wear it to work. I wanted it make it as professional as possible, and I hope I accomplished it. It's done in his favorite colors....Raiders colors.

I am grateful for everything that Travis does for me and I am glad he got to spend the day relaxing. I love him and think he is a wonderful Daddy to my kids!


Sara said...

That is just so great of you for showing off your man(kid's daddy) on Father's Day!! They deserve just as much recognition on their day as we momma's get on our day!!

Landon and Kayla said...

Oh my gosh Crystal! I love his tie! That is such a cute Idea! I too love that Brandon wrote fight! how funny!