Saturday, June 19, 2010

Been Busy

I have for the last few days been able to quilt! AHHH! Quilting is my release and my relaxation. I have been having problems with Brandon and Nathan, we are just having "issues" adjusting to summer life. We have adjusted their medications (yes for those who may be shocked that I medicate my children...I will let you have them for one day without and see what you think!! Sorry I just have had very "judging" people question my parenting) so hopefully with the adjustment we will have a smoother summer. So needles to say I have been tense!

I have been working on the Old Red Barn Quilt along quilt. I am just making a wall hanging, but it is very intense. It is called the asterisk block. Very cute and I am liking it, but I am VERY happy its just a wall hanging. I am hoping that if I have some time left from being Travis's slave (it's Fathers day) I can get the top finished. I am using fabric that my mom gave me on our last trip to Colorado.

This is what it's going to look like....well this is what they show us it should look like. (This is Karen's block....the creator of it)

Hopefully mine will look this good soon. 

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