Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Fun at Grandma Longan's House

***Warning this is a LONG post with LOTS of pictures***
For the past week we have been in Colorado to spend time with family and to be there for my Grandmother's funeral. (Thank you for all the sweet comments too!) We did a lot of fun different things while we were there.

We had a picnic at the park, here is Cade looking at me. The whole time we were there he did NOT like me and would try not to look at me!
Zoey, Cali and Brandon. They were all so excited they didn't want to stop and eat.
Nathan is getting mad that he couldn't go and play
Kimball ate pretty well and he had to have his Mickey hat on.
My sister Jenni. It was so warm that day that we ate and then played one game of "PIG" then went home.

The next day we went to a different park after lunch. Jenni had a lot of fun swinging on the swings too, but two LARGE women on swings aren't pleasent to look at, but just so you know, we had a BLAST!! And who would have thought that swinging would be a workout!
Nathan was pretending that he as asleep
Kimball zeroed in on this slide and went up and down for pretty much the whole time.
We did manage to get them all together and take a few pictures, okay so we had to bribe them with a treat!
After each day we could come home have quiet time. Kimball and Nathan would always fall asleep but Cali, Zoey and Brandon would stay awake

I still have tons more to share from our week. My sister has a lot of those pictures as she is a better picture taker than me, but she had her camera and I didn't!


Amy said...

Nice of Jen to share the photos! Everyone looks so cute, love the sleeping photos. It was good to see you again, love that it takes us both driving to Colorado to talk again, haha.

Lopez Life said...

Hurry up and figure out how to send the pics so i can!! LOL