Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Days

I am still alive and kicking but barely. Summer is officially here and school is officially out, although Summer school started yesterday. Since I got back from Colorado a few weeks ago I have been living day to day and just going along with the boys. You know how it is, something changes and you have to find the new routine!

So this summer I have seen so many quilt alongs and quilts that I would LOVE to make!! But in reality....I just don't have the time now! This is my first time experiencing summer and quilting, and I just can't do it as much with the kids home. So I bet my quilt production will soon die down. So what do I do??? I sign up for another swap!!! Some of you may have remembered when I posted before that I wasn't allowed to participate because I didn't post enough on flicker (a yahoo group chat stuff). Well I was hurt and crushed but tried to improve so I could be accepted in the next time. I just want to start collecting wall quilts/doll quilts to hang in my room!!

So to help my swap partner ( this is kept secret until the final reveal in September) I just wanted to say that I love colors and Moda fabric. I really like traditional quilts with a modern twist on it all. I am open to applique or just pieced blocks. Anything will work because I like it all! Here is a few inspiration quilts that I found that I liked.

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Miss Marvy said...

I love you. The end. :)