Monday, June 21, 2010

Asterisk Finished

Okay so I have been working all evening and I finished my Asterisk quilt. I really like how it has turned out! If I didn't like it so much I would give it to my friend for a baby quilt, but I like it too much and I am just not that nice!
I don't know if you can see, but it is very puffy. I was given a lot of batting and so just used that, but this was about 1 1/4" thick! (See why it would be a good baby quilt?) It was quite interesting quilting it, but I just did lines in between the blocks.

(Sorry a bad picture)

If you can see, I decided to go with the lines in between. I really liked the affect. I think it doesn't show my uneven lines as much. 

Yeah my first quilt on my wall! Now the thing is I have a whole room ready to be filled with wall quilts! 


Pat said...

Crystal, That is very pretty. I like the fabric choices also, my dear friend. Happy Quilting!

Amy said...

My goodness gracious. ;). Seriously. Do you have to keep outshining EVERYONE with these quilts?? Amazing job my dear! Incredible!

Mac said...

Sheesh, you're always so productive. I always just sit around on my bum thinking, "I should learn to sew..." and then I watch TV instead. I'm lame. You're awesome.

Mairi said...

That is really funky!!! Great job! BTW: something I figured out along the way... assuming your batting is polyester???? I have been given similar in the past and have discovered that if you sandwich it between your layers and press it with a hottish iron it flattens significantly and kind of sticks to the fabric making easier to quilt... just a piece of perhaps handy advice! Yours works really cute puffy though!!! :)

Anonymous said...

great looking stars am into love'n your's. make my eyes wide open and brain wierd thinking of stars last two weeks your site your work has inspired me thanks renee