Monday, June 7, 2010

Idle Hands

I have an issue with nothing to do, I don't like it! I always need to keep my hands busy. So while in Colorado I started some crocheting projects. 
Here is a fabric rug that I crocheted. Just did it, no pattern. I took some of my Mom's UGLY fabric and folded it length wise (hmm I don't know but it was the LONG way and I just snipped the top and then I could rip it down that thread line...make sense??)
Then I crocheted a bag! I used the same LARGE needle hook and I like the effects!
The only bad thing is that it stretches quite a bit when you use it! Oh well. I am making another bag but with a smaller hook. This bag has two different threads, so it is double thick and has a large stitch size.

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