Friday, June 4, 2010

Horse Riding

After Dallie's Birthday party we were able to convince Uncle Joe to take us for a ride. I was bummed that we didn't have enough time for me to get some riding in. I really miss it, although my new cousin in law (Landon....he married my cousin Kayla) said that I can come to his father's place and ride. Now it's if I will trust a new horse! 
Nathan riding Joe's horse Nemo
Kimball wouldn't ride unless Dad walked next to him, but he really liked it
Brandon riding, Joe finally got smart and got on another horse to lead Nemo around! 
After Nathan and Kimball got finished riding, they hopped in with Grandpa Longan and did some chores
Here is Luke, I rode him in many rodeos but mostly used him for Barrel Racing
Nemo...he was such a good sport with the kids! He is very well behaved for only being 4yrs old! 
Then here is Scooter. I used to do Pole Bending on him and won quite a few times! If you can see, his ears are turning means that he is mad...he has always been a grouchy horse. Too bad he is too cute for his own good! 

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The Picketts said...

I remember Luke and Scooter. The other horses I remember are Flint and Skeeter??? Is that right? Fun times! I have so many memories going through my head right now! So fun! Thanks for sharing, Crystal!