Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Eve

Here are some pictures of fun things that we did on Christmas Eve....
 We ate some cracker and cheese and meat for dinner in the living room while watching Polar Express. Nathan wanted to take a picture of us.
 During the movie of course, I worked on last minute projects (looked familiar?)
 Then after the movie we recreated the Nativity scene. Using a little people set.
 Trav read the story ( you will see why he has the light on later)
 We all took turns putting our characters in the stable....
See Trav was the star!

After this the kids went to bed while Mom and Dad finished up things for Christmas. We had a good evening and the boys were so excited for the next day.


Kayla said...

How fun! I love the headlight was the star! So Neat! That is my favorite part of Christmas eve is acting out the story!

Amy said...

I JUST barely did my Christmas post too, very cute photos!