Saturday, February 11, 2012

9 Patch I-Spy Quilt

Yeah I have another quilt finished! Don't you get so excited when you finish a quilt? I am always amazed one how fast some quilts go together and then then others take you YEARS to finish! This was one that took me about 3 days total!
 I really like how this quilt turned out! I wasn't sure about the border and just added it to make my quilt a little bigger, but I am LOVING it!
 I think after you stare at the quilt for awhile the 9 Patch design pops out....a LONG time staring....
 When I was at the store grabbing some fabric for the back, I forgot how much I needed, and of course I didn't have enough! So I improvised the rest!
I never plan out what I do for the back patchworks, but just go with what I have, until it becomes the right length...I actually had to cut quite a bit off the "patched" area side because I made it too large and didn't have enough room to lay it out properly in my small living room.
 I love how bright this quilt is! Now do you think I can call this a "boy quilt"? I only have a few blocks that have pink in it, but the rest are more "boyish" colors.

I couldn't resist, I LOVE this binding job with the sewing machine, I usually do a zig zag for the binding, because I like the reinforcement it gives, but on my Juki only has straight stitch, so I worked with it, and I just LOVE how it turned out! I think that I MIGHT ACTUALLY be getting better at this quilting/sewing thing!


Sandra said...

I'm liking the nine patch concept and the creative use of what you have on hand for the backing. Congrats on another lovely finish!

ccorey said...

I think the backing and border dictate gender on an ispy quilt more so than the blocks themselves. I'd definitely call this one a boy quilt. The 9 patch is only hard to pick out in a couple of spots, but you still pick them out if you know what you're looking for. I like it. I really like the back.

ellareiss said...

Lovely quilt and border is very beautiful thanks for sharing.
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