Sunday, February 12, 2012

Siggy Swap 2 - Finished!!

So sometime last year I just checked and it was 18 months ago! I joined the Siggy Swap2. We made a siggy block and signed them, then mailed them to one person and she divided them up between us all....want to know how many of us there was? 100!! It was fun to see where everyone was from, well the quilters in the blogger world. I have had it on my WIP list for a long time, and finally FINALLY finished it!
 I decided to do a simple block pattern, and since there was so many different colors from all the siggy blocks, I thought black would make them I took out my black straps and viola!
 I had 3 extra blocks that didn't fit, so I thought I would add them to the back...hopefully these three ladies don't mind.
 I also did a very simple lines for the quilting, and since it's not one that will be used as a blanket and just a wall quilt, I didn't think it needed tons of quilting. (Plus I was being lazy that day and just wanted it done!)
 It is hanging in my room over the wall by my treadmill....I moved the treadmill so that I could take the original picture of it finished. Now I can look at it while I exercise!
It ended up being 65.5"x50.5". I was going to make it longer, but I'm glad I decided on this! Oh it's beautiful! I am VERY pleased with my work!


Lopez Life said...

I remember you starting that! It turned out cool!

Anonymous said...

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