Friday, February 3, 2012

Nathan's Finger Update **Gross Pictures Warning**

Well we went to the doctor for Nathan the other day to check out Nathan's poor little finger.....yeah it looks TERRIBLE! I was able to squeeze in a few shots because everyone has been asking me what it looks like! So BEWARE!!!
 His poor finger is so swollen! Then when we were unwrapping the bandage, it got stuck and we had to soak it off for awhile.
 This is the closet that I could get....the doctor couldn't even find the 2 stitches that were put in, so we will go back in another week to see if he can't find them again and to see if the swelling has gone down more and to make sure it's healing properly.
Nathan cried a little bit, but later when I asked him if it hurt he said it didn't. So I asked if he was just afraid and he said yes. So he was afraid of it hurting bad again. But since he was so brave and did well we got an ice cream cone afterwards!
I have prepared him to loose the entire finger nail, so last night when I was changing his bandage he asked if it had fallen off yet! My poor guy!

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