Saturday, February 4, 2012

Honey Do Lists

I know us wives always have honey do lists for our husbands and pray and nag to make sure they all get done. Well does any of your husbands give you honey do lists? Mine does! I guess it's fair game but still....
Trav was so kind to offer my serves to his friend and make him a quilt for his wife's birthday. Little did I know he needed it done within a week! And he wanted me to use some jeans that he had that his wife loved! So I performed magic (well okay maybe not magic but started working).
 The one good thing about this quilt is that it's not too big. Just a smaller lap quilt. so the blocks came together rather quickly. I was able to find some jean impression fabric that works great with it.
 It's also a rather heavy quilt too, I used fleece for the back of the quilt. But here it is laid out on the living room floor (excuse the toys) while I sprayed it. (I started using a spray basting can now instead of pins! I LOVE IT!)
What was so important about the jeans was this hole. She LOVED this little hole that grew as time went on. So it needed to be in the quilt. I put another layer of jean behind it so that if it continued to grow, it wouldn't tear a hole in the quilt.

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danih03 said...

These are looking good! Hope you get the jeans quilt done in time. What kind of spray basting do you use? does it make a mess with over spray?