Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lego Creations

So Nathan got a Lego Magazine from school last month and they had a lego creation contest. Well Nathan and Brandon could talk of nothing else for quite some time about it, and if they win, they get a $100 gift certificate. Well they would talk and talk about it, but wouldn't make it. So finally they were able to make one (and now I need to hurry and print the pictures and send them off!!)
 They were suppose to create a new veichle for the "Advengures". So the larger one is Nathan's and the smaller one is Brandon's.

 Nathans creation.

I'm so proud of the boys! They are very inventive and so I hope they win (but not holding too much hope). But regardless I have created a new job chart so that they can earn some new lego sets. This is their favorite toy, this and the DS.

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Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

They did a spectacular job!! Lego is such an amazing toy.