Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Presents

Last week we went to our nieces birthday party. We had missed our nephews (her brother's) part the month before and so I made a present for him as well. But they also have added another little one to the pack, so he got something as well!
 This is for the newest one....I saw this saying on Pinterest and had to make it!
 Then our nephew loves sports, just like his dad and is really into baseball right now, so I bought a regular shirt and then used freezer paper to make this shirt. It was my first time and I do have to say that I liked it a lot and will probably make the boys more shirts like this, instead of buying ones with prints on it!
 Then this was for the birthday girl! I bought the fabric already gathered, so all I did was sew it into a dress and added ribbon and a bows to the top. I am not a fan of the flower bows, but everyone else liked them. I also make her two hair pretties to go with it! I added some velcro (the stiff side) to the hair pieces so that it would stay in her thin hair!
The happy and beautiful birthday girl! She ended up getting a LOT of different outfits and true to a girl, she tried them all on!