Thursday, May 17, 2012

Neon Trees Supports Autism

Last month we were VERY lucky to be apart of a special concert but on by the group..."Neon Trees". Our Autism preschool has a connection to the band and they were so kind as to put on a benefit concert for the school! The concert was almost completely sold out and we made over $6,000.
 I got a shirt for each boy as well as for me....We could have met the band afterwards because we bought the shirt and I was planning on it....but unfortunately the boys were ready to go home before that...oh well, I am sure I will get another chance some day.
While we waited, the boys each had an electronic! It was cute and then once you looked around at the other families....they too had something for their kids to play with!
Nathan thought it would be very cute to wear my sweater/shirt and purse...silly boy...
We passed around ear plugs but that wasn't enough at times either. It took some time but the boys were able to get used to the is Nathan covering his ears...
Then the boys got up on the side of the stage next to the band and started dancing! It was so cute!

The band....Neon Trees

It was a fun night for the boys, and then afterwards because they were so good they got to have a Happy Meal for dinner!

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