Monday, May 7, 2012

Long over due

 It has been long over due since I have finished this quilt! This is Nathans dinosaur quilt that has the MANY MANY blocks of dinosaurs in it.....remember? The one that he kept begging me to finish for him.
 Well it has been done since before Christmas of last year but just haven't gotten around to actually taking pictures of it. This is the back of the quilt...the one that kept giving me a hard time! But now it has a nice modern feel to it.
 I just did a simple quilting on it, just on each of the seams. I wanted it mostly open. (Like how my lines curve? I am sure I did on purpose!)
 For the binding I couldn't really think of anything to use - so I went through my scraps and found this multi colored fabric and thought it might just do the trick.
This quilt measures approximately 79.5"x79.5" and has over 576 - 4" block dinosaur fabric. And wouldn't you know...when this quilt is all done- I find MORE and NEW lines of dinosaur fabric! Oh well...Nathan likes this one just fine!

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