Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monday - Trip to San Diego

Okay so almost 2 weeks later I FINALLY have all of my pictures (and my sisters and mother's) edited so that I can give a "condense" verison of our trip. 

 We spent the day wandering all over the place (literally - we couldn't find what we wanted). We stopped off at Mission Beach first, they had a nice little boardwalk that we strolled for a little bit.
 We let the kids (everyone) run out to the water and play a little. Kimball had a BLAST!
 Nathan was REALLY cold and preferred to just watch everyone.
 We were able to catch a little family all the MANY attempts??
 We then went to a little shopping village (completely tourist), I am not sure what the name was, but it was by the Navy base (at least we saw them across the bay). They had a carousel there, and we had some fun riding.
 The boys had a hard time for some of it, but got a little better.
 Here we are looking at the ships across the bay. See Kimball scaring me to death?
 Here is the San Diego Temple. We drove past it on I-5, it literally just jumped out around a corner. I did want to try and attend while I was there, but I was too tired with the kids and there was never really a good time.
 It was Chris's (my BIL) birthday so we went out to the Claim Jumper for some dinner.
 We then went back to the hotel to spend some time in the pool.
 For some reason the weather was a LOT cooler than we expected, and since California doesn't heat their pools, the water turned out to be a lot cooler than outside, so if you got out of the water you were cold, but if you staying in the water with your shoulder's under you were warm.
End of day 1

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Jan said...

The carousel is at Sea Port Village. Great pictures. It was so nice to get to see you all!