Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tuesday - Trip to San Diego

On the second day of our trip we decided to stay ALL day at the beach! We tried to go to the Lolla Beach but couldn't really find the place, so we went back to Mission Beach were we were the day before. It had parking VERY close and a nice area to swim and play.
 It was a cloudy day and a little windy. My Mom said that it's always cloudy at the beach, although why is it always sunny in the movies?
 The kids had a lot of fun,  not in the water of course but in the sand.
 I did try to get the boys to come out with me in the waves and to jump in them, my most favorite thing to do! But they each got a little water in their face and was done.
 Here are the spectators! My Dad has worn Wrangler and a long sleeve shirt my entire life! I did once find him wearing a sweater in an old photograph and couldn't believe it! I was a bit worried about him coming to the beach in his boots and pants, but he brought his coat and ended up wearing it the whole time and watching all of us play. My Dad is not a big fan of the water.
 We did have one loss at the beach. We lost a long neck dinosaur, oh wait and a pair of sunglasses! May they rest in peace.
 We did make a few attempts of making a sand castle but it didn't last.
 After I tried to get Nathan to jump in the waves with me, he accidentally got some water in his mouth. It was all down hill from there. He laid down on my quilt and told me he was sick because of the water. Silly boy.
 Jenni (my sister) and I had a blast jumping in the waves! They were pretty small, but every once in awhile we got a big wave. It was a lot of fun out in the water.
 After jumping in the waves we decided to find an alternate way of babysitting! Actually the older kids wanted to get buried, so I buried them! With a little help from Kimball. Once they were all buried, there was a little boy walking by, he had downs syndrome, but he was so shocked to see the the 3 heads! (Top right picture)
 They all were so cute!
We then had some fun buring my brother in law, Chris. 

We then went home in mid afternoon, we were all "sanded" out. We then got in the hotel pool and swam for some time, ate and then went to bed. Overall a VERY fun day! If you asked the boys if they like the beach though, they will say no. They don't like the salt water. Silly boys!

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